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OffsetDummyStructNode Class Reference

#include <strnode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OffsetDummyStructNode (unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, const StructNode *pNode, const Vec3 &f, const Mat3x3 &R, OrientationDescription ood, flag fOut)
virtual ~OffsetDummyStructNode (void)
virtual DummyStructNode::Type GetDummyType (void) const
virtual void Update (const VectorHandler &X, const VectorHandler &XP)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StructDispNode
 StructDispNode (unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, const Vec3 &X0, const Vec3 &V0, const StructNode *pRN, const RigidBodyKinematics *pRBK, doublereal dPosStiff, doublereal dVelStiff, OrientationDescription od, flag fOut)
virtual ~StructDispNode (void)
virtual Node::Type GetNodeType (void) const
const RigidBodyKinematicspGetRBK (void) const
const Vec3GetX (void) const
const Vec3GetV (void) const
const Vec3GetXPP (void) const
virtual DofOrder::Order GetDofType (unsigned int) const
virtual const Vec3GetXPrev (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetXCurr (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetVPrev (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetVCurr (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetXPPPrev (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetXPPCurr (void) const
virtual const doublerealdGetPositionStiffness (void) const
virtual const doublerealdGetVelocityStiffness (void) const
virtual bool bOutputAccelerations (void) const
virtual void OutputAccelerations (bool bOut)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Node
 Node (unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, flag fOut)
virtual ~Node (void)
const NodeGetNode (void) const
virtual integer iGetFirstRowIndex (void) const
virtual integer iGetFirstColIndex (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WithLabel
 WithLabel (unsigned int uL=0, const std::string &sN="")
virtual ~WithLabel (void)
void PutLabel (unsigned int uL)
void PutName (const std::string &sN)
unsigned int GetLabel (void) const
const std::string & GetName (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimulationEntity
 SimulationEntity (void)
virtual ~SimulationEntity (void)
virtual bool bIsValidIndex (unsigned int i) const
virtual DofOrder::Order GetEqType (unsigned int i) const
virtual HintParseHint (DataManager *pDM, const char *s) const
virtual void AfterConvergence (const VectorHandler &X, const VectorHandler &XP)
virtual std::ostream & OutputAppend (std::ostream &out) const
virtual void ReadInitialState (MBDynParser &HP)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DofOwnerOwner
 DofOwnerOwner (const DofOwner *pDO)
virtual ~DofOwnerOwner ()
virtual const DofOwnerpGetDofOwner (void) const
virtual integer iGetFirstIndex (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ToBeOutput
 ToBeOutput (flag fOut=fDefaultOut)
virtual ~ToBeOutput (void)
virtual void Output (OutputHandler &OH, const VectorHandler &X, const VectorHandler &XP) const
virtual flag fToBeOutput (void) const
virtual bool bToBeOutput (void) const
virtual void SetOutputFlag (flag f=flag(1))
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyKinematics
virtual ~RigidBodyKinematics (void)
virtual void Update (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DummyStructNode
 DummyStructNode (unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, const StructNode *pNode, OrientationDescription ood, flag fOut)
virtual ~DummyStructNode (void)
virtual StructDispNode::Type GetStructDispNodeType (void) const
virtual unsigned int iGetNumDof (void) const
virtual const doublerealdGetDofValue (int iDof, int iOrder=0) const
virtual const doublerealdGetDofValuePrev (int iDof, int iOrder=0) const
virtual void SetDofValue (const doublereal &dValue, unsigned int iDof, unsigned int iOrder=0)
virtual StructNode::Type GetStructNodeType (void) const
virtual unsigned int iGetInitialNumDof (void) const
virtual integer iGetFirstPositionIndex (void) const
virtual integer iGetFirstMomentumIndex (void) const
virtual void DerivativesUpdate (const VectorHandler &X, const VectorHandler &XP)
virtual void InitialUpdate (const VectorHandler &X)
virtual void SetInitialValue (VectorHandler &X)
virtual void SetValue (DataManager *pDM, VectorHandler &X, VectorHandler &XP, SimulationEntity::Hints *ph=0)
virtual void BeforePredict (VectorHandler &X, VectorHandler &XP, VectorHandler &XPrev, VectorHandler &XPPrev) const
virtual void AfterPredict (VectorHandler &X, VectorHandler &XP)
virtual bool bComputeAccelerations (void) const
virtual bool ComputeAccelerations (bool b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StructNode
 StructNode (unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, const Vec3 &X0, const Mat3x3 &R0, const Vec3 &V0, const Vec3 &W0, const StructNode *pRN, const RigidBodyKinematics *pRBK, doublereal dPosStiff, doublereal dVelStiff, bool bOmRot, OrientationDescription ood, flag fOut)
virtual ~StructNode (void)
const Mat3x3GetR (void) const
const Vec3GetW (void) const
const Vec3GetWP (void) const
virtual std::ostream & Restart (std::ostream &out) const
virtual std::ostream & DescribeDof (std::ostream &out, const char *prefix="", bool bInitial=false) const
virtual void DescribeDof (std::vector< std::string > &desc, bool bInitial=false, int i=-1) const
virtual std::ostream & DescribeEq (std::ostream &out, const char *prefix="", bool bInitial=false) const
virtual void DescribeEq (std::vector< std::string > &desc, bool bInitial=false, int i=-1) const
virtual const Vec3GetgRef (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetgCurr (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetgPRef (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetgPCurr (void) const
virtual const Mat3x3GetRPrev (void) const
virtual const Mat3x3GetRRef (void) const
virtual const Mat3x3GetRCurr (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetWPrev (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetWRef (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetWCurr (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetWPCurr (void) const
virtual const Vec3GetWPPrev (void) const
virtual bool bOmegaRotates (void) const
virtual void OutputPrepare (OutputHandler &OH)
virtual void Output (OutputHandler &OH) const
void Update (const VectorHandler &X, InverseDynamics::Order iOrder)
virtual void AfterConvergence (const VectorHandler &X, const VectorHandler &XP, const VectorHandler &XPP)
virtual unsigned int iGetNumPrivData (void) const
virtual unsigned int iGetPrivDataIdx (const char *s) const
virtual doublereal dGetPrivData (unsigned int i) const

Protected Member Functions

void Update_int (void)

Protected Attributes

Vec3 f
Mat3x3 R
- Protected Attributes inherited from StructDispNode
Vec3 XPrev
Vec3 XCurr
Vec3 VPrev
Vec3 VCurr
Vec3 XPPCurr
Vec3 XPPPrev
const StructNodepRefNode
OrientationDescription od
doublereal dPositionStiffness
doublereal dVelocityStiffness
const RigidBodyKinematicspRefRBK
bool bOutputAccels
- Protected Attributes inherited from WithLabel
unsigned int uLabel
std::string sName
- Protected Attributes inherited from ToBeOutput
flag fOutput
- Protected Attributes inherited from DummyStructNode
const StructNodepNode
- Protected Attributes inherited from StructNode
Mat3x3 RPrev
Mat3x3 RRef
Mat3x3 RCurr
Vec3 gRef
Vec3 gCurr
Vec3 gPRef
Vec3 gPCurr
Vec3 WPrev
Vec3 WRef
Vec3 WCurr
Vec3 WPCurr
Vec3 WPPrev
bool bOmegaRot

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StructDispNode
- Public Types inherited from Node
enum  Type {
- Public Types inherited from SimulationEntity
typedef std::vector< Hint * > Hints
- Public Types inherited from ToBeOutput
- Public Types inherited from DummyStructNode
enum  Type {
- Public Types inherited from StructNode
enum  Type {

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1788 of file strnode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OffsetDummyStructNode::OffsetDummyStructNode ( unsigned int  uL,
const DofOwner pDO,
const StructNode pNode,
const Vec3 f,
const Mat3x3 R,
OrientationDescription  ood,
flag  fOut 

Definition at line 3651 of file strnode.cc.

References StructDispNode::bOutputAccelerations(), StructDispNode::bOutputAccels, DummyStructNode::pNode, and Update_int().

3658 :
3659 StructDispNode(uL, pDO, ::Zero3, ::Zero3, 0, 0, 0., 0., ood, fOut),
3660 DummyStructNode(uL, pDO, pN, ood, fOut), f(f), R(R)
3661 {
3662  if (pNode->bOutputAccelerations()) {
3663  bOutputAccels = true;
3664  // const_cast<StructDispNode *>(this)->bOutputAccels = true;
3666  } else {
3667  bOutputAccels = false;
3668  // const_cast<StructDispNode *>(this)->bOutputAccels = false;
3669  }
3671  /* forzo la ricostruzione del nodo strutturale sottostante */
3672  Update_int();
3673 }
const Vec3 Zero3(0., 0., 0.)
virtual bool bOutputAccelerations(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:439
DummyStructNode(unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, const StructNode *pNode, OrientationDescription ood, flag fOut)
Definition: strnode.cc:3516
bool bOutputAccels
Definition: strnode.h:122
void Update_int(void)
Definition: strnode.cc:3685
StructDispNode(unsigned int uL, const DofOwner *pDO, const Vec3 &X0, const Vec3 &V0, const StructNode *pRN, const RigidBodyKinematics *pRBK, doublereal dPosStiff, doublereal dVelStiff, OrientationDescription od, flag fOut)
Definition: strnode.cc:102

Here is the call graph for this function:

OffsetDummyStructNode::~OffsetDummyStructNode ( void  )

Definition at line 3677 of file strnode.cc.

References NO_OP.

3678 {
3679  NO_OP;
3680 }
#define NO_OP
Definition: myassert.h:74

Member Function Documentation

DummyStructNode::Type OffsetDummyStructNode::GetDummyType ( void  ) const

Implements DummyStructNode.

Definition at line 3704 of file strnode.cc.

References DummyStructNode::OFFSET.

3705 {
3706  return DummyStructNode::OFFSET;
3707 }
void OffsetDummyStructNode::Update ( const VectorHandler X,
const VectorHandler XP 

Reimplemented from StructDispNode.

Definition at line 3712 of file strnode.cc.

References Update_int().

3714 {
3715  Update_int();
3716 }
void Update_int(void)
Definition: strnode.cc:3685

Here is the call graph for this function:

void OffsetDummyStructNode::Update_int ( void  )

Implements DummyStructNode.

Definition at line 3685 of file strnode.cc.

References StructDispNode::bComputeAccelerations(), Vec3::Cross(), f, StructNode::GetRCurr(), StructDispNode::GetVCurr(), StructNode::GetWCurr(), StructNode::GetWPCurr(), StructDispNode::GetXCurr(), StructDispNode::GetXPPCurr(), DummyStructNode::pNode, R, StructNode::RCurr, StructDispNode::VCurr, StructNode::WCurr, StructNode::WPCurr, StructDispNode::XCurr, and StructDispNode::XPPCurr.

Referenced by OffsetDummyStructNode(), and Update().

3686 {
3687  Vec3 fCurr(pNode->GetRCurr()*f);
3688  XCurr = pNode->GetXCurr() + fCurr;
3689  RCurr = pNode->GetRCurr()*R;
3690  WCurr = pNode->GetWCurr();
3691  VCurr = pNode->GetVCurr() + WCurr.Cross(fCurr);
3693  if (bComputeAccelerations()) {
3694  WPCurr = pNode->GetWPCurr();
3695  XPPCurr = pNode->GetXPPCurr()
3696  + WCurr.Cross(WCurr.Cross(fCurr))
3697  + WPCurr.Cross(fCurr);
3698  }
3699 }
Vec3 Cross(const Vec3 &v) const
Definition: matvec3.h:218
Definition: matvec3.h:98
virtual const Mat3x3 & GetRCurr(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:1012
Vec3 WPCurr
Definition: strnode.h:749
Vec3 XPPCurr
Definition: strnode.h:95
Mat3x3 RCurr
Definition: strnode.h:730
Vec3 WCurr
Definition: strnode.h:747
const StructNode * pNode
Definition: strnode.h:1660
virtual const Vec3 & GetWCurr(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:1030
virtual const Vec3 & GetWPCurr(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:1042
virtual const Vec3 & GetXCurr(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:310
Vec3 VCurr
Definition: strnode.h:93
Vec3 XCurr
Definition: strnode.h:90
virtual const Vec3 & GetVCurr(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:322
virtual const Vec3 & GetXPPCurr(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:334
virtual bool bComputeAccelerations(void) const
Definition: strnode.h:433

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Member Data Documentation

Vec3 OffsetDummyStructNode::f

Definition at line 1790 of file strnode.h.

Referenced by Update_int().

Mat3x3 OffsetDummyStructNode::R

Definition at line 1791 of file strnode.h.

Referenced by Update_int().

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