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AxialCLR Struct Reference

#include <constltp_axw.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ConstitutiveLaw< Vec3,
Mat3x3 > * 
Read (const DataManager *pDM, MBDynParser &HP, ConstLawType::Type &CLType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConstitutiveLawRead< Vec3, Mat3x3 >
virtual ~ConstitutiveLawRead (void)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 105 of file constltp_axw.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ConstitutiveLaw<Vec3, Mat3x3>* AxialCLR::Read ( const DataManager pDM,
MBDynParser HP,
ConstLawType::Type CLType 

Implements ConstitutiveLawRead< Vec3, Mat3x3 >.

Definition at line 107 of file constltp_axw.h.

References MBDynParser::GetConstLaw1D(), MBDynParser::GetVec3(), Vec3::Norm(), and SAFENEWWITHCONSTRUCTOR.

107  {
108  Vec3 v(HP.GetVec3());
109  doublereal d = v.Norm();
110  v /= d;
115  AxialCLWrapper(HP.GetConstLaw1D(CLType), v));
117  return pCL;
118  };
Definition: matvec3.h:98
doublereal Norm(void) const
Definition: matvec3.h:263
#define SAFENEWWITHCONSTRUCTOR(pnt, item, constructor)
Definition: mynewmem.h:698
double doublereal
Definition: colamd.c:52
ConstitutiveLaw1D * GetConstLaw1D(ConstLawType::Type &clt)
Definition: mbpar.cc:1941
virtual Vec3 GetVec3(void)
Definition: mbpar.cc:2220

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