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vehj3.cc File Reference
#include "mbconfig.h"
#include "dataman.h"
#include "vehj3.h"
#include "matvecexp.h"
#include "Rot.hh"
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static void MultRMRtGammam1 (Mat6x6 &M, const Mat3x3 &R, const Mat3x3 &Gammam1)

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static void MultRMRtGammam1 ( Mat6x6 M,
const Mat3x3 R,
const Mat3x3 Gammam1 

Definition at line 44 of file vehj3.cc.

References Mat6x6::GetMat11(), Mat6x6::GetMat12(), Mat6x6::GetMat21(), Mat6x6::GetMat22(), Mat3x3::MulMT(), Mat6x6::PutMat11(), Mat6x6::PutMat12(), Mat6x6::PutMat21(), and Mat6x6::PutMat22().

Referenced by ElasticJoint::AfterPredict(), ElasticJointInv::AfterPredict(), and ViscoElasticJoint::AfterPredict().

45 {
46  Mat3x3 GM1RT(Gammam1.MulMT(R));
48  M.PutMat11(R*(M.GetMat11().MulMT(R)));
49  M.PutMat12(R*(M.GetMat12()*GM1RT));
50  M.PutMat21(R*(M.GetMat21().MulMT(R)));
51  M.PutMat22(R*(M.GetMat22()*GM1RT));
52 }
Mat3x3 GetMat12(void)
Definition: matvec6.h:328
Mat3x3 GetMat21(void)
Definition: matvec6.h:324
Mat3x3 GetMat22(void)
Definition: matvec6.h:332
void PutMat22(const Mat3x3 &x)
Definition: matvec6.h:376
Mat3x3 GetMat11(void)
Definition: matvec6.h:320
void PutMat11(const Mat3x3 &x)
Definition: matvec6.h:364
void PutMat12(const Mat3x3 &x)
Definition: matvec6.h:372
Mat3x3 MulMT(const Mat3x3 &m) const
Definition: matvec3.cc:444
void PutMat21(const Mat3x3 &x)
Definition: matvec6.h:368

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