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mbpar.cc File Reference
#include "mbconfig.h"
#include <limits>
#include <cfloat>
#include <typeinfo>
#include "mbpar.h"
#include "Rot.hh"
#include "hfluid.h"
#include "aerodc81.h"
#include "c81data.h"
#include "dataman.h"
#include "modules.h"
#include "legalese.h"
#include "streamoutelem.h"
#include "socketstreamdrive.h"
#include "drive_.h"
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struct  RefFrameDR
struct  HFluidDR
struct  C81DataDR
struct  ConstLawDR
struct  DriveCallerDR
struct  TplDriveCallerDR
struct  SFuncDR
struct  ModuleLoadDR
struct  LicenseDR
struct  WarrantyDR


static void InitDescData (void)


static unsigned desc_done
const ReferenceFrame AbsRefFrame (0, Vec3(0., 0., 0), Mat3x3(1., 0., 0., 0., 1., 0., 0., 0., 1.), Vec3(0., 0., 0), Vec3(0., 0., 0), EULER_123)

Function Documentation

static void InitDescData ( void  )

Definition at line 182 of file mbpar.cc.

References desc_done, and SetDescData().

Referenced by MBDynParser::MBDynParser().

183 {
184  // NOTE: data will be destroyed when the underlying HighParser is destroyed (is this what we want?)
185  if (::desc_done++ > 0) {
186  return;
187  }
189  SetDescData("reference", new RefFrameDR);
190  SetDescData("hydraulic" "fluid", new HFluidDR);
191  SetDescData("c81" "data", new C81DataDR);
192  SetDescData("constitutive" "law", new ConstLawDR);
193  SetDescData("drive" "caller", new DriveCallerDR);
194  SetDescData("template" "drive" "caller", new TplDriveCallerDR);
195  SetDescData("scalar" "function", new SFuncDR);
196  SetDescData("module" "load", new ModuleLoadDR);
197  // TODO: move to HighParser
198  SetDescData("license", new LicenseDR);
199  SetDescData("warranty", new WarrantyDR);
201  /* NOTE: add here initialization of new built-in descriptions;
202  * alternative ways to register new custom descriptions are:
203  * - call SetDescData() from anywhere in the code
204  * - write a module that calls SetDescData() from inside a function
205  * called module_init(), and run-time load it using "module load"
206  * in the input file.
207  */
208 }
static unsigned desc_done
Definition: mbpar.cc:179
bool SetDescData(const std::string &name, DescRead *rf)
Definition: parser.cc:301

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Variable Documentation

unsigned desc_done

Definition at line 179 of file mbpar.cc.

Referenced by InitDescData().