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PeriodicDCR Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

DriveCallerRead (const DataManager *pDM, MBDynParser &HP, bool bDeferred)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DriveCallerRead
virtual ~DriveCallerRead (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DriveCallerRead
static void ReadOutput (DriveCaller *pDC, const DataManager *pDM, MBDynParser &HP)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DriveCallerRead
void NeedDM (const DataManager *pDM, MBDynParser &HP, bool bDeferred, const char *const name)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2935 of file drive_.cc.

Member Function Documentation

DriveCaller * PeriodicDCR::Read ( const DataManager pDM,
MBDynParser HP,
bool  bDeferred 

Implements DriveCallerRead.

Definition at line 2941 of file drive_.cc.

References MBDynParser::GetDriveCaller(), IncludeParser::GetLineData(), HighParser::GetReal(), MBDYN_EXCEPT_ARGS, DriveCallerRead::NeedDM(), DataManager::pGetDrvHdl(), and SAFENEWWITHCONSTRUCTOR.

2942 {
2943  NeedDM(pDM, HP, bDeferred, "periodic");
2945  /* driver legato ai driver */
2946  if (pDM == 0) {
2947  silent_cerr("sorry, since the driver is not owned by a DataManager" << std::endl
2948  << "no driver dependent drivers are allowed;" << std::endl
2949  << "aborting..." << std::endl);
2951  }
2953  const DriveHandler* pDrvHdl = pDM->pGetDrvHdl();
2954  DriveCaller *pDC = 0;
2956  doublereal dT0 = HP.GetReal();
2957  doublereal dPeriod = HP.GetReal();
2958  if (dPeriod <= 0.) {
2959  silent_cerr("PeriodicDriveCaller: invalid negative or null period at line " << HP.GetLineData() << std::endl);
2961  }
2963  const DriveCaller *pDC1 = HP.GetDriveCaller();
2965  /* allocazione e creazione */
2968  PeriodicDriveCaller(pDrvHdl, pDC1, dT0, dPeriod));
2970  return pDC;
2971 }
Definition: except.h:63
const DriveHandler * pGetDrvHdl(void) const
Definition: dataman.h:340
#define SAFENEWWITHCONSTRUCTOR(pnt, item, constructor)
Definition: mynewmem.h:698
DriveCaller * GetDriveCaller(bool bDeferred=false)
Definition: mbpar.cc:2033
void NeedDM(const DataManager *pDM, MBDynParser &HP, bool bDeferred, const char *const name)
Definition: drive_.cc:1354
double doublereal
Definition: colamd.c:52
virtual HighParser::ErrOut GetLineData(void) const
Definition: parsinc.cc:697
virtual doublereal GetReal(const doublereal &dDefval=0.0)
Definition: parser.cc:1056

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