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socketstreamdrive.h File Reference
#include "streamdrive.h"
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struct  StreamDR
struct  FileDriveContentTypeReader
struct  FileDriveContentTypeWordSetType


typedef std::map< std::string,
FileDriveContentTypeReader * > 


bool SetFileDriveContentType (const char *name, FileDriveContentTypeReader *rf)
void DestroyFileDriveContentTypes (void)


FileDriveContentTypeMap fileDriveContentTypeMap
FileDriveContentTypeWordSetType fileDriveContentTypeWordSet

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<std::string,FileDriveContentTypeReader*> FileDriveContentTypeMap

Definition at line 110 of file socketstreamdrive.h.

Function Documentation

void DestroyFileDriveContentTypes ( void  )

Definition at line 673 of file socketstreamdrive.cc.

Referenced by MBDynParser::~MBDynParser().

673  {
674  for (FileDriveContentTypeMap::iterator i = fileDriveContentTypeMap.begin(); i != fileDriveContentTypeMap.end(); ++i) {
675  delete i->second;
676  }
677  fileDriveContentTypeMap.clear();
678 }
FileDriveContentTypeMap fileDriveContentTypeMap
bool SetFileDriveContentType ( const char *  name,
FileDriveContentTypeReader rf 

Definition at line 666 of file socketstreamdrive.cc.

Referenced by module_init().

666  {
667  pedantic_cout("registering file drive content type \"" << name << "\""
668  << std::endl );
669  return fileDriveContentTypeMap.insert(FileDriveContentTypeMap::value_type(name, rf)).second;
670 }
FileDriveContentTypeMap fileDriveContentTypeMap

Variable Documentation

FileDriveContentTypeMap fileDriveContentTypeMap

Definition at line 656 of file socketstreamdrive.cc.

FileDriveContentTypeWordSetType fileDriveContentTypeWordSet

Definition at line 657 of file socketstreamdrive.cc.