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GravityOwner Class Reference

#include <gravity.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GravityOwner (void)
virtual ~GravityOwner (void)
void PutGravity (const Gravity *pG)
virtual bool bGetGravity (const Vec3 &X, Vec3 &Acc) const

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file gravity.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GravityOwner::GravityOwner ( void  )

Definition at line 187 of file gravity.cc.

References NO_OP.

188 : pGravity(0)
189 {
190  NO_OP;
191 }
#define NO_OP
Definition: myassert.h:74
Gravity * pGravity
Definition: gravity.h:207
GravityOwner::~GravityOwner ( void  )

Definition at line 194 of file gravity.cc.

References NO_OP.

195 {
196  NO_OP;
197 }
#define NO_OP
Definition: myassert.h:74

Member Function Documentation

void GravityOwner::PutGravity ( const Gravity pG)

Definition at line 201 of file gravity.cc.

References ASSERT, and pGravity.

Referenced by DataManager::ReadElems().

202 {
203  ASSERT(pGravity == 0);
204  pGravity = const_cast<Gravity *>(pG);
205 }
Gravity * pGravity
Definition: gravity.h:207
#define ASSERT(expression)
Definition: colamd.c:977

Member Data Documentation

Gravity* GravityOwner::pGravity

Definition at line 207 of file gravity.h.

Referenced by bGetGravity(), and PutGravity().

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