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tdclw.cc File Reference
#include "mbconfig.h"
#include <typeinfo>
#include "dataman.h"
#include "tdclw.h"
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class  TDConstitutiveLawWrapper< T, Tder >
struct  TDCLWR< T, Tder >


void TDCLW_init (void)

Function Documentation

void TDCLW_init ( void  )

Definition at line 236 of file tdclw.cc.

References SetCL1D(), SetCL3D(), and SetCL6D().

Referenced by InitCL().

237 {
239  SetCL3D("tdclw", new TDCLWR<Vec3, Mat3x3>);
240  SetCL6D("tdclw", new TDCLWR<Vec6, Mat6x6>);
241 }
Definition: tdclw.cc:175
bool SetCL3D(const char *name, ConstitutiveLawRead< Vec3, Mat3x3 > *rf)
bool SetCL1D(const char *name, ConstitutiveLawRead< doublereal, doublereal > *rf)
bool SetCL6D(const char *name, ConstitutiveLawRead< Vec6, Mat6x6 > *rf)

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