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mbc_rigid_t Struct Reference

Reference node (AKA "rigid") stuff (partially opaque). More...

#include <mbc.h>

Collaboration diagram for mbc_rigid_t:

Public Attributes

uint32_t flags
union {
   char   char_r_ptr [(2+2)*sizeof(uint32_t)+(3+9+3+3+3+3+3+3)*sizeof(double)]
   uint32_t   uint32_t_r_ptr [(2+2)+(3+9+3+3+3+3+3+3)*sizeof(double)/sizeof(uint32_t)]
   double   double_r_ptr [(2+2)*sizeof(uint32_t)/sizeof(double)+(3+9+3+3+3+3+3+3)*sizeof(double)]
uint32_t k_size
int32_t r_k_label
int32_t r_k_x
int32_t r_k_theta
int32_t r_k_r
int32_t r_k_euler_123
int32_t r_k_xp
int32_t r_k_omega
int32_t r_k_xpp
int32_t r_k_omegap
uint32_t d_size
int32_t r_d_label
int32_t r_d_f
int32_t r_d_m

Detailed Description

Reference node (AKA "rigid") stuff (partially opaque).

Users do not need to access members directly; macros documented in the following should be used instead.


Fields (MBC_F_REF_NODE(mbc) must be true):

Definition at line 233 of file mbc.h.

Member Data Documentation

char mbc_rigid_t::char_r_ptr[(2+2)*sizeof(uint32_t)+(3+9+3+3+3+3+3+3)*sizeof(double)]

Definition at line 262 of file mbc.h.

uint32_t mbc_rigid_t::d_size

Definition at line 277 of file mbc.h.

double mbc_rigid_t::double_r_ptr[(2+2)*sizeof(uint32_t)/sizeof(double)+(3+9+3+3+3+3+3+3)*sizeof(double)]

Definition at line 264 of file mbc.h.

uint32_t mbc_rigid_t::flags

Definition at line 234 of file mbc.h.

uint32_t mbc_rigid_t::k_size

Definition at line 267 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_d_f

Definition at line 279 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_d_label

Definition at line 278 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_d_m

Definition at line 280 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_euler_123

Definition at line 272 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_label

Definition at line 268 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_omega

Definition at line 274 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_omegap

Definition at line 276 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_r

Definition at line 271 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_theta

Definition at line 270 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_x

Definition at line 269 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_xp

Definition at line 273 of file mbc.h.

int32_t mbc_rigid_t::r_k_xpp

Definition at line 275 of file mbc.h.

union { ... } mbc_rigid_t::r_ptr
uint32_t mbc_rigid_t::uint32_t_r_ptr[(2+2)+(3+9+3+3+3+3+3+3)*sizeof(double)/sizeof(uint32_t)]

Definition at line 263 of file mbc.h.

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