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Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ Struct Reference

#include <solver.h>

Collaboration diagram for Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ:

Public Types

enum  Method { GMRES = 1, BICGSTAB = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 JDQZ (void)

Public Attributes

doublereal eps
integer kmax
integer jmax
integer jmin
integer method
integer m
integer l
integer mxmv
integer maxstep
doublereal lock
integer order
integer testspace

Detailed Description

Definition at line 180 of file solver.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 194 of file solver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::JDQZ ( void  )

Definition at line 199 of file solver.h.

References NO_OP.

200  : eps(std::numeric_limits<doublereal>::epsilon()),
201  method(BICGSTAB), m(30), l(2), mxmv(100),
202  maxstep(1000), lock(1e-9), order(0), testspace(3)
203  { NO_OP; };
#define NO_OP
Definition: myassert.h:74

Member Data Documentation

doublereal Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::eps

Definition at line 181 of file solver.h.

Referenced by Solver::ReadData().

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::jmax

Definition at line 183 of file solver.h.

Referenced by Solver::ReadData().

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::jmin

Definition at line 184 of file solver.h.

Referenced by Solver::ReadData().

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::kmax

Definition at line 182 of file solver.h.

Referenced by Solver::ReadData().

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::l

Definition at line 187 of file solver.h.

doublereal Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::lock

Definition at line 190 of file solver.h.

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::m

Definition at line 186 of file solver.h.

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::maxstep

Definition at line 189 of file solver.h.

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::method

Definition at line 185 of file solver.h.

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::mxmv

Definition at line 188 of file solver.h.

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::order

Definition at line 191 of file solver.h.

integer Solver::EigenAnalysis::JDQZ::testspace

Definition at line 192 of file solver.h.

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