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netcdfcpp.h File Reference
#include "ncvalues.h"
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class  NcFile
class  NcDim
class  NcTypedComponent
class  NcVar
class  NcAtt
class  NcError


#define NcOldFile   NcFile
#define NcNewFile   NcFile
#define Clobber   Replace
#define NoClobber   New


typedef const char * NcToken
typedef unsigned int NcBool

Macro Definition Documentation

#define Clobber   Replace

Definition at line 132 of file netcdfcpp.h.

#define NcNewFile   NcFile

Definition at line 131 of file netcdfcpp.h.

#define NcOldFile   NcFile

Definition at line 130 of file netcdfcpp.h.

#define NoClobber   New

Definition at line 133 of file netcdfcpp.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int NcBool

Definition at line 16 of file netcdfcpp.h.

typedef const char* NcToken

Definition at line 15 of file netcdfcpp.h.