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MBDynErrBase Class Reference

#include <except.h>

Inherits exception.

Inherited by Beam2::ErrGeneric, Beam::ErrGeneric, ConstitutiveLaw< T, Tder >::ErrNotAvailable, DataManagerErrors::ErrAssemblyDiverged, DataManagerErrors::ErrAssemblyMaxIters, DataManagerErrors::ErrElemNotAllowedInAssembly [private], DataManagerErrors::ErrGeneric, DataManagerErrors::ErrMissingNodes, DataManagerErrors::ErrNeedDataManager, DataManagerErrors::ErrUnknownElem, DataManagerErrors::ErrUnknownFunction, DataManagerErrors::ErrUnknownNode, Elem::ChangedEquationStructure, EndOfFile, ErrCode, ErrDivideByZero, ErrFile, ErrFileSystem, ErrGeneric, ErrInterrupted, ErrMemory, ErrNotAvailableYet, ErrNotImplementedYet, ErrNullNorm, ErrOutOfRange, ErrPlain, HBeam::ErrGeneric, HighParser::ErrColonExpected, HighParser::ErrIllegalDelimiter, HighParser::ErrIntegerExpected, HighParser::ErrInvalidCallToGetDescription, HighParser::ErrKeyWordExpected, HighParser::ErrMissingSeparator, HighParser::ErrRealExpected, HighParser::ErrSemicolonExpected, HighParser::ErrStringExpected, HighParser::ErrValueOutOfRange< T >, InducedVelocity::ErrInfiniteMeanInducedVelocity, Joint::ErrGeneric, MathParser::ErrGeneric, MatrixHandler::ErrGeneric, MatrixHandler::ErrMatrixIsSingular, MatrixHandler::ErrRebuildMatrix, MBDynParser::ErrGeneric, MBDynParser::ErrReferenceAlreadyDefined, MBDynParser::ErrReferenceUndefined, Node::ErrGeneric, NoErr, NonlinearSolver::ConvergenceOnSolution, NonlinearSolver::ErrGeneric, NonlinearSolver::ErrSimulationDiverged [private], NonlinearSolver::NoConvergence, SchurDataManager::ErrGeneric, SchurMatrixHandler::ErrGeneric, SchurMatrixHandlerUm::ErrGeneric, SchurSolutionManager::ErrGeneric, SchurVectorHandler::ErrGeneric, SolutionDataManager::ChangedEquationStructure, Solver::EndOfSimulation, Solver::ErrGeneric, Solver::ErrMaxIterations, Solver::SimulationDiverged, SparseSubMatrixHandler::ErrResize [private], StepIntegrator::ErrGeneric, StructDispNode::ErrGeneric, StructNode::ErrGeneric, SubMatrixHandler::ErrResize, Table::ErrNameAlreadyDefined, TypedValue::ErrConstraintViolation, TypedValue::ErrUnknownType, TypedValue::ErrUnknownValue, and TypedValue::ErrWrongType.

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Public Member Functions

 MBDynErrBase (const char *file, int line, const char *func, const std::string r=std::string())
virtual ~MBDynErrBase (void) throw ()
void Set (const std::string &s)
const char * what (void) const throw ()

Private Attributes

std::string s

Detailed Description

Definition at line 67 of file except.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MBDynErrBase::MBDynErrBase ( const char *  file,
int  line,
const char *  func,
const std::string  r = std::string() 

Definition at line 37 of file except.cc.

References file, func(), and s.

38 {
39  std::stringstream ss;
40  ss << "[" << file << ":" << line << ",func=" << func << "]";
41  if (!r.empty()) {
42  ss << " (" << r << ")";
43  }
44  s = ss.str();
45 }
void func(const T &u, const T &v, const T &w, doublereal e, T &f)
static char * file
Definition: ann_in.c:101
std::string s
Definition: except.h:69

Here is the call graph for this function:

virtual MBDynErrBase::~MBDynErrBase ( void  )
throw (

Definition at line 73 of file except.h.

73 {};

Member Function Documentation

void MBDynErrBase::Set ( const std::string &  s)

Definition at line 48 of file except.cc.

References s.

Referenced by ErrIndexOutOfRange::WriteMsg().

49 {
50  this->s = s;
51 }
std::string s
Definition: except.h:69
const char * MBDynErrBase::what ( void  ) const
throw (

Member Data Documentation

std::string MBDynErrBase::s

Definition at line 69 of file except.h.

Referenced by MBDynErrBase(), Set(), and what().

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